DNS Management
If you'd like to point certain IPs to records for your site/domain, this is the guide for you!
Login to the Client Area and click on Domains.
Select the desired domain you would like to edit:
Click the DNS Management button to edit:
DNS Management
You will be able to add any type of Record Type for your domain.
Managing DNS Entries

Example Record

First, you need to create a semi-secret hostname for the server itself, since you're probably running your Game server on a different IP address from your web server. On the Manage DNS Records screen:
Host: Specify the subdomain in the Host field (e.g. play).
Record Type: "A - Address record" (You can skip this step if you've already been provided a hostname from your Game Server/IP)
Address: Specify the IP address of your Game Server/VPS in the Answer field. Click the "Save Changes" button to create the A record.
You should now be able to connect to your Game server just by specifying your root domain in whichever game you are running!
Last modified 1yr ago
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