How to port forward on Windows
This article will show you how to port forward any port on your Windows VPS.
Wondering how to accept connections via a specific port?
To start off, log into your Windows VPS
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In the Search icon (bottom left), type in Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security
Once you've opened this application, you will be greeted with your Firewall rules. Please click Inbound Rules
In the Actions tab, please click on New Rule...
You will be prompted to create a specific rule, in this case we'll select Port
The window will now prompt you to enter in your desired ports (separated by commas)*.
The window will ask you a few questions about allowing connection, in this example we'll Allow the connection.
Please select all domain profiles regarding the connection for the port (Domain, Private, and Public)
Provide a name for the Inbound rule:
Can be anything to help you remember what the rule name is.
Hit Finish and you're all done!
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