To change nameservers for your domain, the following needs to be done.

Login to the Client Area and click on Domains.

Select the desired domain you would like to edit:

Click the Nameservers button to edit:

Nameservers are part of an extensive database called the Domain Name System (DNS), which acts as a directory for devices and the IP addresses attached to them. During the nameservers registration, the IP address is assigned to the nameservers. The unregistered nameservers do not have associated IP address and cannot work properly with some domains. For example, the Registry of .net domains checks whether the nameservers are registered and do not allow using unregistered nameservers.

You are able to select either Use Default Nameservers or Use Custom Nameservers

Once the details have been set, your Nameservers will be all set!

If you change nameservers from Custom nameservers to our default ones or vice versa, the host records will not be added to the new nameservers automatically. Please make sure to save all the needed settings and set them up manually after the nameservers switch. Nameservers changes do not propagate instantly. Once your nameservers are changed, it may take up to 24 hours (more, in rare cases) for local ISPs to update their DNS caches so that everyone can see your website. You can always check your domain name using any Proxy server as Proxy servers do not store cache, thus you can see the non-cached information.

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